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Smoother & Burn Free Shave.
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About the product

Contents: 1 6 Blade Shaving Razor + Pack of 4 Cartridges + Razor Travel Cover

The Streak6 Pivot Shave Set is our most premium shaving kit designed to deliver the smoothest and most burn free shave. Our new Streak6 shaving blades have our patented ICE (Ionic Carbon Edge) Diamond Coating that helps increase blade life and smoothness of the shave and are carefully designed and crafted in Germany by experts with over 140 years of experience to ensure that they are sharp, safe & long lasting. The razor handle is a weighted metal handle with a rubberized grip to give you maximum control over your shave. Moreover, our Pivot handle is equipped with our new Multi-Axis Pivot Technology that helps the razor adjust to all the contours of your skin and get virtually every hair. The key features of our razor set are:-

  • 6 sharp American made blades that are equipped with our patented ICE (Ionic Carbon Edge) Diamond coating for our closest, smoothest and most crisp shave yet

  • Each cartridge has an improved trimmer blade for better styling and shaping

  • Our New & Unique Pivot Handle helps the razor adjust to all the contours of the skin and delivery a closer and better shaving experience.

  • Rubber guard below blades to lift hairs before every stroke

  • Anti-Clog design for a quick and easy rinse

  • Enhanced Lubricating strip contains Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for safer shave

  • Dermatologically Tested blades and ideal for sensitive skin

  • Premium weighted ergonomically designed metal razor handle with chrome plating 

  • Extra rubberized grip for maximum control 

    The Streak6 Pivot Shave Set is designed to give you the most premium shaving experience.

    The Spruce Promise

    We at Spruce are committed to delivering not just premium but more importantly a closer, smoother & safer shaving experience.

    All our razors & blades are precision engineered in the USA & Germany by experts with over 140 years of experience. 

    The blades are meticulously crafted using patented grinding technology to deliver a closer, smoother  & burn free shave.

    The razors are engineered to be ergonomic to provide you with complete control over your shave.

    Basically, we are here to help you take your shave to the next level!

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    Engineered by experts with over 140 years of experience

    Enhanced lubrication for smoother & burn free shaves

    Flexible designs to prevent nicks & cuts

    Know your shaving razor

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 569 reviews
    Mohith Chilimbi (Mumbai)

    Had a nice clean shave ..Thanx

    Sukhjeet Singh (Sirsa)
    Product is value for money

    Is run like Ferrari

    S.J. (Noida)
    Spruce Streak 6 is Seven Star Razor

    I had used So Many Branded razor But Spruce Stream is Best ever Razor,Very Very Smooth shaving experience

    Abhi Dattasharma (Kolkata)
    Spruce Streak6 : An excellent cruelty free shaving experience

    I ordered a Spruce Streak6 recently. I was looking for a cruelty free razor blade, and they were offering a discount, so I decided to try it.

    The packaging is very nice. I received one razor handle, five blades (one four pack, and one blade attached to the handle) and one travel carrier attachment. The handle is solidly built with a nice weight. The travel carrier looked somewhat flimsy, but works well now. You need to take off the plastic blade sleeve to use the carrier, which in my opinion, is a minor inconvenience.

    The blades are superb. However, precisely because there are six blades, the inter-blade gaps are very small, which makes the blade surface almost plane and while shaving, the usual sensation of a sharp edge passing over the skin is missing. This is especially true as I am migrating from a three blade Gillette Mach 3. Due to this, during the first shave, I was not even sure if the blade was shaving at all, and ended up applying high pressure and experimenting with all sorts of angles. So, expect a learning curve: just apply a light pressure, go with the grain, and do not worry if you feel as if a flat non-sharp surface is brushing your skin. If in doubt, shave by touch. The blades are very sharp and they shave extremely well.

    There is a downside of the low inter-blade gaps; cleaning the blade is a pain. With Mach 3, all residue washes off easily from between the blades under a running faucet. Here, they may not, especially if you are shaving a few days' growth, and you will probably waste a lot of water trying to clean it completely. So the best would be to wash it quickly after every stroke, and finally to dip it in alcohol to make sure all water is cleaned.

    How long will the blades last? I have no idea yet, but if debris gathers between the blades, it will probably not perform as long as a three blade one. I will have to wait and see. The good point is that Spruce says that all their cartridges fit all handles, so I can switch to a three blade or five blade Spruce cartridge if I want to.

    Overall, it is an excellent razor. The price is also significantly lower than more well known brands like Gillette. Finally, for me, that it is completely cruelty free is extremely important and I would most certainly give it five stars.

    Akshat S. (Mumbai)
    Very nice experience

    The shave was very clean, easy and smooth.

    Asim Moin (Greater Noida)
    Fantastic shaving kit.

    Very good shaving experience. All items are as expected.